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We’re revolutionizing the energy industry with the strong support of partners who have funded billions of dollars worth of solar projects with us... Spruce, Sunnova, Sunrun, Sungevity, Garden State Solar. They know that clean, more affordable solar power is the bright solution for homeowners, their investors, the environment and the future.

  • Find out how much you can save when you go solar. It's simple.

  • Most USA Solar customers save between 40-50%% off their monthly bill every month.

  • We believe customers should have the freedom to choose, and that includes their energy source.

  • With clean energy, everyone wins. You save money, the earth saves valuable resources. And we all feel less guilty about the way we consume energy in the process

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Why USA Solar?

At USA Solar, we understand the importance of renewable energy. That’s why we are dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining affordable solar solutions. Unlike other providers, USA Solar allows you to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy with no up-front costs.
Plus, we're committed to top-rated customer service.
From the initial assessment to the installation of a completely customized solar energy system to the moment the system begins producing clean, renewable energy and beyond, we deliver the most cost-effective and innovative solutions.
But we're more than a technology company, we’re also committed to providing award-winning customer service. With USA Solar, our customer service team will meet your highest expectations of service and professionalism.

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With so many options for the customer, Solar, Residential Wind Turbines, Fuel Cells, Battery Back-ups there is no need to shop around. We offer the best rates and qualify every home, we will trim trees, replace roofs, upgrade electrical panels so every customer can help this environment while saving money.

  • George C. – Tucson, AZ

    My appreciation of Sunrun is felt mostly in my checkbook at this time of the year in Tucson. The air conditioner is running 8 hours a day in triple digit temperatures and I'm saving money and helping the environment.

  • Linda C. – Clovis, CA

    Before we had solar I would have to think every time I touched the thermostat - how much is this going to cost me? With solar, I just make sure that our family is comfortable.

  • Bjorn S. – Glendale, AZ

    USA Solar is just excellent. I have nothing but praise. Someone emailed me today and I can only tell you what I told him, that I'm really happy with the decision I've made.

  • Peter 0. – San Luis Obispo, CA

    Going solar is just like buying a system except I get the added benefit that USA Solar takes care of the system for me. My power bills went from $600-$200 per month. Plus I got a free room!

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We can offer you more options, and better savings! Operations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic.

How does saving an extra 40-50% a month sound?

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